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Procedures for Yachtsmen in Symi Harbour

The information was supplied by Symi Coast Guard and Customs officer but any errors in translation and interpretation are my own. Editor.

EU Boat arriving from a Greek Port
a) Should be in possession of a Greek Private Pleasure Maritime Document (PPMD) cost 29.35 Euros. Available from the Coast Guard.
b) Proceed to the Port Authority (Coast Guard) and present PPMD. This will be endorsed and you will be charged:

- 18 cents per metre per night berthing fee.
- Endorsement of PPMD 88 cents.

EU Boat arriving from Abroad
a) On arrival take passports and crew list to the Police Station to be stamped into the EU. Free.
b) Go to the Port Authority (Coast Guard). Here you will be charged as follows:

- 15 Euros to bring the boat into the EU. Flatrate not dependent on boat size.
- 18 cents per metre per night berthing fee.
- Endorsement of PPMD 88 cents.

You will need to buy a PPMD if you not already in possession of one. This is a pro forma which is completed by harbour masters at all Greek ports of call. Cost 29.35 Euros.

Non EU boat arriving from Greek Port
a) Proceed to the Port Authority with your Transit Log where you will be charged 88 cents to have it endorsed and 35 cents per metre per night berthing fee.

Non EU Boat arriving from Abroad
a) Proceed to the Police Station as per above.
b) Go to Customs House where you will be issued a transit log. For private vessels this costs 30 Euros, for company owned vessels 45 Euros. It is valid, in the case of the owner being a non-EU subject, (or conceivably a non-resident EU subject, but be prepared to prove it) for six months each calendar year. This period can be split up and could conceivably be 12 consecutive months from the second half of one year to the beginning of the next. Extensions due to special circumstances are possible. If the owner is an EU subject and resident the transit log is valid for only one month, thereafter the vessel must be declared and duty paid to import it into the EU.

This comprises VAT and import duty. A non-EU subject may also import a non-EU flag vessel into the EU by paying the duty on the expiration of his six month period. This would result in his being granted a transit log of unlimited validity for EU waters. I have recently gone through this exercise myself which cost about 23% (VAT and import duty) of the value of the boat as estimated by assessors from the Customs Office on Rhodes. One may choose to retain ones original flag, which is simpler, or opt for Greek registration.

c) Once you have your transit log, go to the Coast Guard where you will be liable for the following:

- 15 Euro entrance fee.
- 35 cents per metre per night berthing fee.
- Endorsement of Transit Log 88 cents.

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