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- The alternative solution: Floating Waste Water Treatment Plants

Dipl. Ing. Frank Zepke, Water & Green Energy, Münster


The following concept describes how very compact waste water treatment plants with C-MEM™ MBR-Technology (Membrane Bioreactor) can be installed on anchored boats or barges. By which the waste waters from Gulets and Yachts be treated to an exceptionally high quality, resulting in the EU Norm for bathing water. These floating WWTPs can be stationed on older used boats or barges. In the first phase their positioning should be primarily at all ports in the Mugla Region and at easily accessible and protected sites in the Gulfs of Gökova, Hisarönü and Fethiye. An expansion to north and south from here can be made at a later date.

Mülldepot Oleanderbusch
Data sample Boat: Length 37m – width 5,2 m - draught 2,0m

MBR technology is already widely introduced and successfully in use internationally on cruise ships, Ferrys and the Navy. These systems function as non complicated, easy to operate and reliable waste water plants for the large loads of daily waste water on the big ships. In addition many municipalities in Europe and overseas are using these plants for their waste water treatment.

These Systems are low in maintenance and do deliver a water quality in accordance to the EU bathing water guideline. Following the investment they are cost efficient and sustainable. Additional treatment phases are not needed. This type of waste water treatment has established itself successfully in the maritime sector, as irrespectively of any sea movements very high quality effluents are ensured.

Expample – floating waste water treatment plant: daily inflow of 100.000 liter/day

Size of vessel as before mentioned





Anzahl Tanks






Wasserspiegel Reaktor






Once the waste water is on board of the vessel ,and instead of being just buffered in tanks ,the waste water will then directly be treated by the C-MEM™ MBR plant and either- because being 100% clean fed back into the sea (or stored for cleaning purpose).

The treatment is effected in 5 steps:
Step 1: Fine screen 1mm= removal of coarse matter
Step 2: Bioreactor =removal of soluble organic pollutants
Step 3: C-MEM™ Cartridges = germ free clear water extraction (outlet)
Step 4: Clear Water tank = reserve for backwash, or reuse eg cleaning.
Step 5: sludge and screenings- disposal system = simple method thru bagging system.

The Quality of the discharge C-MEM™ serves as a physical barrier and separates all particles >0.2µm
i.e. all bacteria and all viruses are securely held back. The discharge is free of solids and germs, thus fully sanitized. An additional disinfection with Chlorine or UV is not needed.
The following discharge values are expected: please view the subsequent tabulations

Budget Price
for a waste water treatment plant (without vessel) with a capacity of 1003/day Euro 225.000 net ex works.
Consisting of C-.MEM™ modules, M&E equipment automation and engineering.

Additional costs for modifications of the vessel with tanks, pipes, wiring, operating room and installation.
Financing of the sewage treatment vessels project could be achieved with the participation of large enterprises, holdings and organization, which should have an interest of a flourishing tourism of the maritime region of Turkey.

The C-MEM™MBR System can be applied for all types of waste waters with normal organic contamination (BOD <500mg/l). With an easy discharge system thru floating waste water treatment plants, easily accessible, anchored near ports and the coast there will be no more secret and illegally dumping of waste waters into the sea from Gulet boats and Yachts. A “suction vessel “ as shown above can handle several Gulets, Yachts and excursion Boats at the same time and their grey and black water tanks are empties by a vacuum system. The volumes to be treated are depending on the size of the floating platforms.

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