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- Alternative concept “Suction Cleaning”

Dipl. Ing. Frank Zepke, Water & Green Energy, Münster


The Problem:
Gulets, pleasure Boats, Yachts are disposing tons of waste water/sewage by dumping it directly at sea in the Turkish waters, coves and bays. All detergents, soaps and shampoos do contain tensides, water softeners, bleach, alkaline matter, optical brighteners, fillers, foam-regulators, enzymes, fragrances, corrosion inhibitors, which do disintegrate only after many years, even decades. Nutrients are led into the sea by these waste waters, which do increase the growth of algae. Result is the destruction of the seascape ecology, in bays and coves, directly endangering the tourism excursion by, Gulets and Yachts.

The Turkish Authorities are trying to contain this problem by implementing a mandatory Grey- water Tank Storage and did already introduce a Blue card system functioning with limited results only. However there is no sufficient availability of suction cleaning stations in the Ports and at Marinas on the coast. Due to long routes thru the beautiful Coves and Bays without “suction cleaning stations” as well as the congestion at the few functioning “suction stations” during charter changes ,on weekends in particular, it leads to a continued “secret dumping at sea” in spite of a strict ban being imposed. If this situation continues, resulting in an increasing high pollution and a dead seascape, the entire bay region between Bodrum and the Gulf of Fethiye, will be lost for tourism and mankind. Have a look at click

The alternative solutions:
1. A New Product
2. Floating Waste Water Treatment Plants

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